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Welcome to Sea Mist Medical Weight Loss!

CONGRATULATION for making the most important decision of your life – to lose weight and be healthy and be more energized. From today forward you are on your way to a healthier, happier, thinner and more confident you!

Our team, here at Sea Mist Medical Weight Loss, is ready and happy to assist you through this process. Doctor Adam Weissman and Tracy Guthrie, a board Certified Family nurse practitioner are here and ready to take you by the hand to show and teach you the safest way to lose weight and keep it off for life. Doctor Adam Weissman is residency trained and board certified in Emergency Medicine. He obtained his undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Michigan. He continued his education completing his medical degree at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York, and his Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Connecticut.
Dr. Weissman has been practicing full-time Emergency Medicine for 16 years in community hospitals and trauma enters and has extensive experience in pain management and Orthopaedics. He regularly treats chronic back pain, pinched nerves, and spinal disk diseases. Tracy Guthrie recently joined us from other Weight loss clinics has tremendous depth and breadth of weight loss treatment experience; and she also has extensive experience in acute hospital and urgent care medicine. She has been a nurse for over 21 years.

Therefore, with both of these practitioners’ combined acute experience, you can be sure that you will be well taking care of. Both Adam Weissman and Tracy Guthrie have witnessed a great deal of patients who have suffered from medical illnesses because of their weight; so they both decided to try to help prevent this epidemic by treating and preventing the “Cause” , which is being overweight or being obese. Finally, both said enough is enough. Let’s prevent patient from going into the hospital or emergency department by keeping them within normal weight range. Let’s practice preventative care and let’s teach the public the facts of being overweight or obese.

Multiple studies have shown that Obesity is associated with large number of major medical concerns, such as elevated serum triglycerides (>200 mg/dL), and is a risk factor for many diseases, including:

• Sleep Apnea
• Stroke
• Dementia
• Coronary Heart Disease
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Osteoarthritis
• Colon, Breast, Endometrial, and Possibly Other Cancers
• Gallstones
• Stress Incontinence
• Amenorrhea/Menorrhagia (absence of menstrual cycle, or painful menstrual cycle)

So we will do our best to help you lose weight the safest way and to keep it off for life. However, losing weight requires a positive attitude from you. We will individualize your weight loss plan to fit your need.


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