5-2 Diet

5-2 Diet

The short story here is you have 2 non consecutive days a week that you eat very little (500 calories), they don’t need to be the same day every week just as long as they are split up. This can be done with out appetite suppressants but is much easier to do it with them. Since this is not long term fasting your body seems to consume calories at the same rate, it just consumes your extra fat on the low calorie days. Dr. Michael Mosley is goes through the benefits in this 1 hour BBC show and also has written a more detailed book on the subject. The 5-2 diet is very popular in the UK and currently in clinical trials.

Eat, Fast, Live Longer – BBC Horizon 2012 – HD 720p – video Dailymotion

Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD by limoslight

Tip for picky eaters

Don’t like the taste of salad?
Try using apple cider vinegar to mellow the taste.
Then try mustard and stevia for a 0 calorie flavor boast.

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