Mental Workout

Mental Workout

Weight Loss success depends on your mental attitude too.

If you believe it won’t work or that you can’t lose weight you may have a tough time.

Your conscious and sub-conscious will be hard at work against you. (When you dream at night do you see yourself as being overweight? That may be a clue if you are having a tough time losing, try changing your image of yourself to what you want to look like.)

A lot of people eat to change the way they feel. If you have concise or sub concise unresolved issues or notions going on in your head, eating is sometimes just the way you change the way you feel.

Where do you start? A real good place may be to watch “The Secret” as it exposes you to a lot of great teachers and ideas. This continues in “Pass in on” but with more business/financial tones. We have both DVD’s in the office.

I love the all the different speaker I listen to on just sign up for the newsletters. I download the replays and put them on my phone so I can listen while I run on the beach.

I can also highly recommend Tony Robbins for his “Unleash the Power Within” seminar. A high energy emotional rollercoaster packed into a long 3 day weekend. Don’t count on a lot of sleep, once you do the fire-walk after midnight on the first night you need to be back bright and early the next morning. But this can be the best investment in yourself you ever did, and far from boring. You will feel much more rested and energized than if you spent that time on the best vacation and it will change your life for the better.

Here are a few ideas that may help you get started.



Tony Robbins Unleash-the-Power-Within weekend is a fantastic 4 days that will change your life (for the better).

I have done the fire-walk with Tony twice myself. But if you do this weekend with someone my advice is to sit apart from each other in the room for a better experience. You will do the fire-walk on the first night (well after midnight) and it feels unbeatable at the time, but by the end of the weekend, the fire walk was just minor part compared to the rest of this high energy weekend.

A great resource for ideas from the top thinkers in the world is Ted Talks as well as some very odd cultural stuff that I don’t know how it fits in.

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